The Inventor’s Son by S.B. James

The first book in a series set in a world that could have been. A steampunk setting with a paranormal twist where vampires, witches, and other characters roam the streets of London and Paris.

The story revolves around a teenage boy named Ethan, whose father is a reclusive inventor. When Ethan’s father goes missing, he finds out that his father has kept a few secrets from him. On a quest to find his missing father, he also discovers that he has paranormal powers.

The narrative is pretty good, but the language comes through as rather blunt.   

Star Trek: Picard

The first episode of Picard offered an overwhelming dose of nostalgia. Being a follow-up to the series Stark Trek: The Next generation, the nostalgia is inevitable. My only hope is that the team behind this promising show will find ways of breaking some new ground for Star Trek, thus creating a new fanbase.


I didn’t watch this movie in the days of yore, but as far as movies from the 1980s go this one fits in nicely in the genre. The story is a cross between Alien and Underworld, but with a better soundtrack, and far more explicit nudity.

This is a very underrated film and it breathes the sound and narrative of an entire decade. Horror and science fiction can be a perfect match. This film proves that point.

The Last Jedi

The special effects in this movie were awesome, but during the viewing I constantly asked myself why they insist on making some events so far out that the fans of this franschise left the theathers with ambigious feelings.

Not to spoil anything, but how is it possible to drop bombs in space where there is no gravitational pull? Not to mention the scene where a beloved character floats around in space, seemingly dead, yet (by the use of the Force, I gather) manages to find her way to safety.

A decent movie that could have been even better.

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