The Innocence of Objects by Orhan Pamuk

Such a great book by Nobel prize winner Orhan Pamuk. He shares the story behind his book Museum of innocence, a book that gradually turned into a quest for material objects to accompany the protagonists of the novel.

The actual museum exists in physical form in Istanbul, Turkey. This book is not only a nostalgic tribute to Pamuk’s upbringing in Istanbul, it is also a tale about the narrative possibilities of material objects. You will get the most out of this (nonfiction) book if you read the novel first, but anyone with an interest in the phenomena of collecting will be rewarded.

Museum of Life

This series is eye candy for all of us who love to go behind the scenes at the world’s largest natural history museum. As a collector you become mesmerized by the curious oddities found at The Natural History Museum, London. The countless stories of the origins of the vast collections are interspersed with explanations and insights of how the collections help to propagate biological knowledge.

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