I didn’t watch this movie in the days of yore, but as far as movies from the 1980s go this one fits in nicely in the genre. The story is a cross between Alien and Underworld, but with a better soundtrack, and far more explicit nudity.

This is a very underrated film and it breathes the sound and narrative of an entire decade. Horror and science fiction can be a perfect match. This film proves that point.

The Last Jedi

The special effects in this movie were excellent. Still, during the viewing, I constantly asked myself why they insisted on making some events so far out that the fans of this franchise left the theater with ambiguous feelings.

Not to spoil anything, but how can you drop bombs in space without gravitational pull? Not to mention the scene where a beloved character floats around in space, seemingly dead, yet (by using the Force, I gather) manages to find her way to safety.

It’s a decent movie that could have been even better.

Westworld, Season 1


This is a brilliant show which offers the viewer a chance to discover what it is to be human in a philosophical sense. The show is very well played – (Anthony Hopkins is especially worth praise for his interpretation  of Dr Robert Ford), and the narrative is well conceived. In my opinion, the show will perhaps be even better after a second viewing.

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