The Inventor’s Son by S.B. James

The first book in a series set in a world that could have been. A steampunk setting with a paranormal twist where vampires, witches, and other characters roam the streets of London and Paris.

The story revolves around a teenage boy named Ethan, whose father is a reclusive inventor. When Ethan’s father goes missing, he finds out that his father has kept a few secrets from him. On a quest to find his missing father, he also discovers that he has paranormal powers.

The narrative is pretty good, but the language comes through as rather blunt.   

Predator’s Gold by Philip Reeve

The second book in the Hungry City Chronicles is almost as good as the first novel. The setting is the cold, Arctic snow plains of the North, where the moving cities hunt each other. An explorer comes along, telling tales of a Green America. Could the stories about a green continent really be true?

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